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Episod starts with Heer asks why did you left me Gulabo and when you come back , you are going without meeting me.  Heer goes in front of the woman and is shocked to see her because she is not Soumya but Chameli aunty.  Heer tells Virat that she is not her Gulabo.  Virat goes to the flashback and thinks how Nuttan freed herself from captivity and told Virat that there was something wrong and how she give him Chameli photo so that he can find out the truth.  And he reveals this to Heer.  Heer is very hurt by this and she asks why she did this.  Heer curses Chameli to play with her feelings.  Heer says that she has not only cheated on her but has also betrayed Soumya.


At the same time Heer hears Preeto’s voice and finds that all this was Preeto’s conspiracy to stop her marriage.  Heer ask Preeto that why she did this. Heer demands her answer. While Preeto tries to convince her but Heer does not want to listen her. Heer angrily tells her who gave her the right to do so.  And she challenges her  that she will be married to Virat.  She looks at Virat and Virat gets angry and went from there. Heer goes after him.  Preeto tells her to stop but Heer leaves saying that she will hate her now.  Heer then goes to Virat and asks him if he will bring the barat at 8 o’clock.  Virat says she refused to marry  him in front of everyone.  Heer apologizes to him and tells him to forgive her  because she had fallen in their trap. And that is why it happened.  Virat forgives her and asks her to get ready at 8 o’clock.


Soham also comes there and says that he misunderstood him but he turned out to be a very good boy.  And he is proud of her sister’s choice.  Virat then went from there.  After he leaves, Heer tells Soham that she was betrayed by her own people and Virat supports her at every step.  Soham consoles her and asks her to get ready for marriage. On the other hand, Virat’s mother is waiting for him and she gets a call from Preeto.  That’s when Virat also reaches there and tells his mother not to worry.  Preeto is listening to them on the phone.  Virat then tells his sister-in-law to choose a sherwani for him and leaves.  Virat’s mother then tells Preeto on the phone that only Virat can handle Heer’s tantrums but we cant .  So ask her not to do this from now on.


Preeto is saddened to hear this and thinks how she will save Heer now.  Also, she is worried why Heer has not come yet.  On which Rohan says that she is with Soham so do not worry.  After a while Heer comes to her house and she is dancing.  Heer comes in and asks why everyone is so quiet.  They should be happy because she is going to get married today.


Episode ends with Soham taunts Preeto and the rest of the house for their planing plotting.