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Malika shoots Kareena before she reveals truth to Tejinder. Heer dances madly in the affect of bhang, guests look awkwardly. Heer throws champagne bottle. Heer pulls Parmeet for dance, she tries to slap Heer but Virat comes in between and he gets slapped. Heer laughs and asks Virat why Mummyji slapped him. Virat says no need to slap, he will take Heer to room. Heer says she wants to party and enjoy with everyone. Virat says he promised her to spend whole day together and convinces her to go to room.


Tejinder asks Kareena to tell the truth but she doesn’t speak in pain. Tejinder leaves fearing she might be trapped in this case. Malika comes and says she shot in the shoulder this time, if she reveals truth next time, she will shoot in the heart. She kept eye on Kareena as she knows about her nature.


Baksh says party is over and asks guests to leave. Parmeet says party is not over yet, she calls Preeto and asks them to apologize to each and every guests for the trouble Heer caused, they have to lift glass pieces from the floor. Harak apologizes to guests, Preeto picks up glass pieces. Parmeet asks Rohan to serve drinks to guests. She tells Sindhu, Mahi to clear up the mess their Heer created. Tejinder comes shouting kinnar.


Heer is sleeping, Virat apologizes to her and slaps himself.


Tejinder says she went to investigate about Heer. Parmeet asks what did she find. She says she went to meet kinnar Kareena. Preeto gets tensed. Guests mumble who is kinnar here. Virat comes and says Kareena once tried to kidnapp Heer. She was big enemy of Soumya and wants to take revenge from Heer’s family.

There’s no secret in this, she could have asked anyone in Heer family, they would have told. Tejinder asks him to stop, she tells Baksh that Kareena was about to reveal a secret, someone shot her. Its a big secret that could’ve swept them off feet. Parmeet asks Preeto what’s the secret, Baksh asks Harak what are they hiding. Tejinder asks Virat if he knows the secret. Malika comes and says she will tell the secret. Soumya is alive but no one knows where she is, she wants to take Heer with her, but Kareena doesn’t want it to happen. This is the matter.

 They ask who shot Kareena then. Virat says may be some wellwisher of Heer, may be he sent men to shoot. Preeto says may be she sent, Harak also says may be he sent. Rohan also says may be he sent. Tejinder asks guests to leave, its their family matter. Parmeet asks Virat if he is hiding anything from her.


Next morning, family are drinking tea, Heer comes downstairs, they all taunt her to yesterday’s behavior. Heer sees empty bottle, she picks it up and realizes bhang smell. She doubts someone must have mixed bhang in her drink.