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The episode starts with Preeto saying how can a criminal like Angel get bail. She tells them to do something. Chintu says noone cares about Raavi who also got injured. Saumya says they got scared for the child, doesn’t mean they don’t care for Raavi. Chintu says because of the baby they all will die and he puts the blame on kinnar community who sent goons in their house. Chintu adds before also they went through a lot because of kinnars so why they want another trouble. They can’t get peace until the baby dies. Harman shuts him up saying how can he talk so ill about a child. Chintu acts like he is being practical and then he instigates Raavi against her family that they don’t care about her pain, he takes her to room to apply ointment on her wound.

Saumya and Preeto reach Angel’s house with Police. Preeto asks her how dare she sent goons to her house. Angel says why they can’t leave her alone. She just got released from jail, how will she send goons. It can be done by any of Saumya’s enemies. Other kinnars support Angel saying Saumya is happy with her family and doesn’t care about her community people. But Angel was there for them always. Now Saumya wants to snatch Angel from them too. Saumya says how can they trust Angel who is just greedy. She can sell them for money. Saumya says she doesn’t have proof against Angel but soon she will find. Inspector warns Angel and leaves.

Angel brings out the goons and scolds them for not kidnapping the child. She asks them whether anyone saw their faces or not. They reply no. Angel throws them out. One kinnar gives the earning to Angel and the latter gets happy. Angel says they will get more money as soon as they get the child. Doorbell rings and Chintu arrives. Chintu taunts Angel for not kidnapping the child. Chintu reveals he struck a simple deal with her but he could not take the child. Angel says now she has a better plan to kidnap the child. Chintu asks her about the plan but Angel creates suspense.

The child sleeps in Preeto’s arms. Harak says this Angel is dangerous and can do anything to the child. They have to stop her. Harak wonders who can send the goons Angel or someone else. Preeto says she is sure Angel did it. Saumya recalls Chintu’s actions and gets into thinking. Preeto calls her and Saumya says this baby will not live peacefully inside the house too. Some of the members don’t like her presence in the house. Saving her from them is not that easy. Preeto says she will handle them. She tells everyone to take rest.

Harman assures Saumya that everyone in the house will accept the baby after some time just how they took time to accept Saumya. In Heer’s case same thing happened. Saumya says Heer was Harman’s daughter and his family accepted her but things are different with this baby. Society won’t accept her and she will face more trouble than Heer. That’s why she is worried for her. Saumya says she took a decision for the baby’s good future.

Episode ends