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Episode starts with Saumya calling someone and she asks for help. Virat tries to convince Rohan saying he is telling the truth only, after they fell into river then after gaining consciousness Heer decided to leave him all of a sudden. Rohan holds Virat’s collar and says I don’t believe you. Virat says what you want me to do so that you can trust me. Destiny wanted thats why Heer got job in my house again. Rohan gets mad at Virat saying how can you offer Heer job in that house where she has the right to stay. Don’t you have shame? Virat stays quiet. Simran tries to talk to Rohan but Rohan says when it comes to Heer I become psycho as Heer matters to me more than anything. He pushes Virat and Virat gets hurt. Rohan says he won’t accept Simran if Virat refuses to accept Heer. Simran gets angry and leaves with Virat saying she also doesn’t want to stay with Rohan.

Harman chitchat with family members and Harak laughs wholeheartedly. Doorbell rings and two officers from crime branch show Harman’s photo to Harak saying they want to talk to him. Harak tells Harman they want to talk to him. One officer drags Harman with him. Preeto tries to stop them but Saumya says to Preeto that let them investigate. They have some proofs against Harman for sure. Officers tell everyone that Harman is fraud and he deceives others to loot money from them. Its his profession and he cheated many people. Harman asks them then show me the records of my crime, where’s the arrest warrant? Tell about those families whom I deceived.

Inspector says you will get to know in police station. Harak stops them saying Harman is our son and people know me here, I am taking the guarantee of Harman’s honesty. Harman looks at Saumya and smiles. Harman starts counting and Preeto Raavi, Harak all support Harman. Harak says why Harman is counting suddenly. Harman says I am counting votes to know who supports me. Saumya tries to put Harman’s credibility down. She tells Harak that he has no proper information about Harman then why is he taking the guarantee. They should not interfere during the investigation. Harman says to Saumya do you have guarantee of these officers?

As they came without any warrant and without any Uniform. Mahi wonders she thought Saumya loves Harman but she is trying to get him arrested. Harak is about to call the commissioner. Harman tells Saumya now you’ll be called liar by your family. Saumya gets nervous. Harman stops Harak from calling commissioner and he takes those fake officers outside saying they misunderstood him maybe. Harak tells Saumya to accompany Harman.

Officers tell Saumya that they could have lost their job because of her. Saumya won’t involve them in her family matter further. Harman asks Saumya so that was your plan to trap me?

Parmeet tries to call Sant so that he can arrest Rohan for domestic violence charge. Virat stops her saying dont complicate things more. Parmeet asks Simran does she want to stay with Rohan? Simran says no. Parmeet suggests her to divorce Rohan. Simran agrees and refuses to listen to Virat. Virat says she should not lose Rohan. Simran says its her life she knows what she is doing. Kamini and Nayan ask Parmeet if they can help her. Virat tells them to stay away from the matter.

Mahi searches Harman’s room and finds out something. She shows it to Preeto and Preeto gets shocked seeing those. Saumya tells Harman that she can’t hide the truth anymore, she will reveal his truth and family will throw him out of the house. Harman smiles.

The Episode ends