Today’s episode opens with Ravi asking Heer where her maths book is. Sindhu, Preeto and Ravi looks for Heer’s maths copy. Raavi finds the copy and Heer got scared thinking she has hidden Reet’s address in it.

Paper falls down and Raavi picks it up. There, Reet takes Heer’s name and Saumya’s body showed the movement.

Raavi asks Heer why she has mentioned Raunakpur’s name on it. Mahi interrupts and tells there is famous temple, so Heer wants to go there. Otherside, Gayatri instructs to Maninder to take care of Saumya till she comes back from hospital.

Maninder looks at Saumya and recalls his moments with her. He further pours kerosene around Saumya’s bed and thinks to kill her. Maninder sets Saumya’s bed on fire. Door bell rings and Maninder gets scared thinking Gayatri returned. He blows off the fire. Two boys entered the room and helps Maninder in blowing off the fire.

Gayatri gets to know that Saumya’s bed catches the fire and worries for her. Maninder ask Gayatri not to worry. Afterwards, Preeto comes to meet Gayatri.

Gayatri tells to Preeto that Heer has called her but she scolded because of her. Preeto says to Gayatri that for Saumya’s safety it is must that Heer should stay away from reet. Other side, Maninder makes Reet meet Heer and Soham. Rohan and Sindhu looks for Heer and Soham. Further, Maninder gets to know that Soham doesn’t know about Surbhi and Varun.. He further gets to know about Harman too and stands shocked. Later, Rohan sees Heer and Soham and runs towards them.

Maninder hide with Reet, Heer and Soham. Ahead, Gayatri waits for Maninder and Reet. The duo enters and Gayatri ask Reet where she was. Maninder tells that she went to play in the garden. Maninder hears Bebe’s voice and goes to welcome her. Reet and Gayatri meet her too. Bebe sees Saumya and stands stunned. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Saumya’s soul talks with Maninder. Manindeer gets emotional.