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The episode starts with Anokhi bringing drinks for everyone but finds everyone already left. Devi comes there and warns Anokhi to not trouble Shaurya. She says that she knows well that Aastha has sent her to get back Shaurya but reminds her that she will in between them standing as a wall before they reach Shaurya. Anokhi says that her Aastha man has taught her to respect elders and leaves the place. Aastha says ro Shaurya that she came to wish every year6on his birthday with cake but they never let her do that.

Shaurya calls her liar and accuses her of never caring about him. He says he don’t consider her mother at all. Aastha hugs him and asks him to listen to her but Shaurya pushes her. Shaurya says that he doesn’t care whether she’s alive or dead and asks her to stay out of his life. Anokhi hears it and gets shocked while Shaurya leaves in his car Aastha gets completely shattered.

Shaurya is in car and is recalling Aastha’s words. Anokhi comes to Aastha while Aastha falls crying. Anokhi tries consoling her but in vain. Shaurya’s words kept ringing in her ears. Anokhi says that she will call Shaan sir but Aastha denies it. She asks her to not to say anything to Shaan.

Anokhi goes to fetch water for Aastha when Aastha thinks that she will disappear from Shaurya’s life as he wished. Anokhi comes back to find Aastha missing and starts searching her. Shaan and Alok comes home and scolds Shaurya for rash driving. They found him overtake their car in such a speed but Shaurya didn’t answer. Devi asks him the reason for it when Shaurya says that Aastha came to meet him.

Devi fumes that Anokhi would have made her come there as Aastha knows that she can’t meet him at house. Devi badmouths Aastha. Shaan asks what did he say to her but Shaurya scolds him. Anokhi tries Aastha’s number but finds her phone there. She calls Shaan and informs about Aastha missing. Shaan looks accusing at Shaurya. He says that he will come there while Shaurya gets shocked learning about Aastha missing.

Shaan says Shaurya that if something wrong happens with Aastha then he will be the complete responsibility. He says that if that happens, not only him but he himself can’t forgive him. Saying so Shaan leaves while everyone gets into thinking.

Anokhi comes to the hospital to enquire about Aastha and Shaan joins her. They say that she herself paid the bill and got discharged. They both argue with them and Anokhi leaves to enquire other people. She asks a nurse about Aastha who says that she has gone to meet her son. Anokhi comes out and finds Shaurya getting out of the car. She stops him and asks why’s he here.

Shaurya says that it’s none of her business when Anokhi says that it’s him who said that he doesn’t care whether she’s alive or dead. Shaurya is about to move but Anokhi holds her hand and says that she won’t let him until he answers. Shaurya warns her to stay in her limits but Anokhi doesn’t budge.

Precap : Shaurya and Anokhi in police station and are complaining about each other. Shaurya finds Inspector being close with Anokhi.