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In the Colors TV show Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav, Mata Parvati will accept Raktbeej’s challenge and she will go to the battlefield. What will happen in the battlefield? Check below to learn more.

Earlier its seen that, Mata Parvati refused to forgive Chand and Mund and she killed them. Lord Narayan announced Mata Parvati’s this avatar will be called as Chamunda devi. Lord Shiv felt bad for Shukracharya. Mata Parvati came there and consoled him. She asked him to not cry because she can’t see him like this.

Other side, Shumbh said he won’t back off and he performed last rites of Chand and Mund. Narad told Shumbh to choose the right path and apologize to Mata Parvati. But Shumbh said he will marry Mata Parvati and he said battle did not end yet. Mata Parvati said that battle will end once she kills all the Asurs.

In the upcoming episode, Lord Shiv will bring hot water for Mata Parvati. He will ask her to put her feet in hot water bowl. He will say that Mata Parvati will feel relaxed. Raktbeej will challenge Mata Parvati. Mata Parvati will accept the challenge and she will go to battlefield. Lord Shiv will say that he can’t help Mata Parvati because of her promise. He will do yagya for his wife win.

Can Raktbeej defeat Mata Parvati?

Will Mata Parvati take any avatar to kill Raktbeej?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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