In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Abir will come to meet Mishti after Vishamber go inside. They hug each other. They will hear Jasmeet coming out for a walk and Abir will apologize to her. He tell her that Nishant has a mom like her who loves him unconditionally and can do anything for him. Abir tell her he will never know how it is to have a mother like her, and Nishant is very lucky. Mishti too will apologize but Jasmeet ask them to leave her alone.

Meenakshi will ask the pandit to fix the date of wedding for which he give 15th Feb. Kunal will get excited and ask her to fix it. Meenakshi agree as so far she was the one who delayed. Kuhu will be hurt that Kunal don’t remember the occasion of 15th feb. She will be sad that how come he forgot their marriage end day.

Jasmeet will tell Varsha that she never wanted Mishti as her daughter -in-law. She will remind Varsha that Mishti will be the co sister of Kuhu and Mishti is someone who will break the house she live in. Mishti will overhear it and feel very hurt.

Abir will be worried about Meenakshi intention and tell Yashpal he still don’t trust her. Meenakshi will tell them that she want to win his trust and hence tell him the truth that it was her idea that Nishant pretended to act drunk. Abir will be shocked and tell her if Mishti’s family know about it they will break alliance.

Meenakshi tell her she did it because she love him and now ready to accept Mishti as she cannot bear to lose him again. She will swear on God that she will never do anything wrong to Mishti again.

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