In the upcoming episode viewers will witness Roshni’s suspicion on Aaliya deepens as she discovers that baby has capabilities matching to Kabir. In that impression she tries to angry baby in front of everyone but Aaliya’s Zeher do the trick and Roshni is again unsuccessful. 

While thinking about the feather Roshni remembers that Aman was standing with Parveen at that time when the feather stopped at him. Roshni remembers that Parveen has something in her hand at that time. She searches Parveen’s room but couldn’t find anything. In the attempt to stop Roshni, Parveen blurts out by mistake that its a photo but denies to help further. Roshni using her powers finds the photo and present it in front of everyone shocking all. 

In a attempt to save herself, Aaliya blurts wrong information and get trapped in her own web of lies. To come to a conclusion, Aman takes balloon from baby’s hand and everybody witnesses the Kabir’s influence in baby’s magic. 

Upcoming is Aman and Dadi gives Aaliya some papers when Roshni was telling her to leave.