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The first season of reality Television show survivor Grand launching today on Zee Tamil . The show, which is based on s popular American adventure Program of the same name. This show hosted by Action king Arjun Sarja. This reality show marks Arjun’s small screen debut.

Survivor follows the same format as its international versions. A group of contestants have to survive the challenges of living in a jungle and complete Tasks to secure there place in the show. Every week a contestant will be evicted from the island based on the board of other participants.

The show begins with a voice note about our ancestors living style and how did they fighted for their daily life in the forest.

Arjun Sarja gives a grand entry in jeep. He gets down from the jeep and greets the audience all over the world. He shares to them that he left his cinema field 37 years before but still Tamil peoples are giving huge respect to him and thinking him like their family. He thank them for showing so much love on him.

He informs to all that 20000 thousand years before Humans formed here so their ancestors used to live here. He praises the beauty of the African forest while travelling in Helicopter. He adds that where there is beauty danger will also there. 18 contestants cams to participate in this survivor show to show their talent. It’s 5000 km away from India.

Voice notes about Besant Ravi comes. In that notes shares how much he worked hard in his life. He is a actor and done many villain roles. He tells to all he gonna fight for his victory in Survivor show.
Saran Sakthi, Amzath Khan,
Lucky Narayanan, VJ Parvathy ( Journalist) Ram C are introduced after him. Vikram introduces next with his trekking video. In that video he shares he is a silent nature person but he won’t give up when it comes to the task. He gonna give tough competitions to all here. He gonna show to all how to survive in this land. Lakshmi Priya ( film actress) Shrushti Dange, Lady Kash, Gayathri Reddy, Umapathy Ramayah, introduced next. They greets each other. Nanda, Vijayalakshmi. Aishwarya( sports person) Indraja Shankar too joins for team.

All the contestants reaches to the island in boat and waits for the helicopter to land there. Arjun lands there and gets down from it. Contestants welcomes him with their applause. He greets everyone there and welcomes them to the survivor show. He says to them that everyone left their family and reached to here which is distanced with 5000 km. When they are leaving they may have no idea what this show gonna give to them. But when they will return to home everyone would have learned something. Whom winning the title will get a cash amount 1crore.

He adds that they need will power mental and physical strength to survive here. They may used to enjoyed their luxurious life style but from this moment they gonna live like a tribe people. He explains to them that they need to find their shelter and food to survive here. Arjun tells them that it’s an big task to them its an satisfying task. All are addicted to the mobile in this modern life style. But in this shoe they are not allowed to use the mobile phone. Arjun asks Vikranth to collect everyone mobile from them. Everyone shows their disappointment. They shares to him how much mobile is close to them.

Arjun gives a shocking news to them that they are not allowed to take their luggage also. He informs to them that Survivor team will give one survivor bag to them they are allowed to take their basic needs items only. Team mates are shocked to hear it. They unpacks the things and separate it in two bags. Arjun questions them Is they need any things from it which is closed to their heart? Few contestants raises their hand. Arjun asks Vickranth to say what’s it? He informs to him that his wife wrote a letter to him he wishes to keep it with him. Arjun requests him to read it in front of all. He reads it for then Arjun praises their love for each other. Basan Ravi says he has his family photo he wishes to take it with him. Vijayalakshmi asks him to give the sentimental flower to her.

Arjun asks the contestants to stop worrying and concentrate on the title and task. Don’t take anything to heart they are not allowed to take their personal things with them. Everyone returns the things to them. Arjun asks Indraja to share about her father Robo Shankar. He tells her that he likes her father a lot share few words about him. She says to him that her father is her super hero. She tells to him she is here to prove her talent and make her father proud of her. Arjun appreciates her. Robo Shankar’s video plays wishing Indraja all the best for her show.

Arjun says to all he gonna share the format of this show. It’s the father of all reality show reasoning its the
First time laughing Survivor in India. He says to them they will be sensed to the island. They wanna set the shelter for them. They will only get rice and pulses from the team. They wanna make fire by them self to cook the food. Contestants stares each other after hearing it. Arjun adds that two task gonna conduct to them. These two are the very important task to them.

Rewards challenge and Immunity challenge. Those who winning the Reward challenge they will get so many rewards like shelter, food etc. If they win the Immunity challenge then they can continue this game. If suppose any one don’t perform well means they wanna meet the tribes in Island. Tribes and Remaining contestants will give voting. Those who getting less votes will be eliminated from this show. He asks them to perform well in Immunity challenge to stay in this game. He shares to them these two challenges will happen twice in a week.

Arjun says to them he gonna divide two teams. From this moment they wanna be work together as a team and win the task. They might travel through this team. Arjun calls Vikranth to comes in front and announces he is the captain of one team and Lakshmi is the another one team captain.

Lakshmi Priya teams are lucky Narayanan, Besant Ravi, VJ Parvathy, Amzath Khan, Shrushti Dange, Nandha, Aishwarya,

Vikranth teams are Saran, Ram c, Indraja Shankar, lady Kash, Vijaya Lakshmi, Gayathri Reddy,

Arjun explains to them both Kadargal and Vedarkal are the tribes whom are their ancestors. Both Tribes are excellent in hunting. They are the brave persons. Now he gonna keep their name for these two team. He mentions “Vikranth team” as ” KADARGAL” and ” lakshmi’s team as ” VEDARGAL”. He gives the Yellow flag to the Kadargal team and Red flag to the Vedargal team.

Arjun shouts let’s start the game.

Episode end.

Recap: Both teams will carry big plate in their hand and swimming in sea aiming the boat. Necessary food items will be place in the boat. Which team will entering into the boat first will get the food items. Vikranth and Aishwarya will reach near the boat. Arjun will question the audience who will enter into the boat first? Aishwarya will slip down from boat and Vickranth will shout for help.