“The” Karan Luthra played by Dheeraj Dhoopar is a cricketer by profession in show and have immense love for his better half Preeta played by Shraddha Arya. Though due to certain misunderstandings he has ill treated her from quite a few times. Contrarily, he has always cried after hurting her and even separating her from himself. 

The idea of writing this article is because just for one drawback that he is logical and have anger issues, we cannot ignore the other qualities which CV’s has kept consistent all through the show. Karan is a man who is handsome and cute at the same time. He is dashing and successful. But that doesn’t make him rude. He always takes care of his fans wherever he is and in whatever emotional turmoil he is tied up with. He never ever in show ignored the request of a fan even when he is teary. 

He deeply love his lady love and every time he saves her in his own unique ways. However, that every hero does. Right? Every hero saves the damsel-in-distress. How Karan is different? He is different because he tells her to stand for herself and not be dependent on anyone. He asks her not to rely on someone’s agreement for her happiness. She has full right to be happy. He requests her not to change herself just because she loves or in a relationship with a person. e

Fans are angry on the way he has treated female lead of the show but when we dig deep it’s the character drawbacks which surfaced in those times. He is logical and always goes for the proofs which were against Preeta at that time. Also he was angry because she wasn’t ready to admit that his would be is wrong despite of having strong feelings for Karan. This leads to separation but we have seen the agony of Karan after he left Preeta in middle of road after marriage. He was drunk, have always thinks and dreamt of Preeta and even calls her in his dreams. We agree the female lead is equally hurt or even more but next day he saves her despite of differences. He got angry and thrash one of terrorist because of her.

What more a girl want in her husband? A man who loves her in all situations unconditionally and someone who don’t want to change her real self, someone who fills confidence in her and thinks of her as equal. Ain’t Karan Luthra has all these?

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