Lately Kundali Bhagya fans are not liking the current track. The fans expected their favourite couple Preran(Played by Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhoopar) to come togetherand finally start a life. But at the end moment just when Kara started to think Preeta is a nice human and started romanticise about both of them together just then a twist came unexpectedly. The three vamps of the show succeeded in their plan to separate Preeta and Karan.

With Mahira being jealous of the bond Karan and Preeta share, she plans to kill Preeta. Instead of Preeta, Mahira falls into her own trap and gets into an accident. Preeta comes to Mahira’s rescue and took her to hospital. Then the most shocking twist came when Mahira made a statement that Preeta tried to Kill her. Just when Kara started to believe Preeta, this twist changed everything. Karan starts to doubt Preeta and fans are upset with this kind of track.

There many things fans are upset about, the top reason is that the main lead couple Preran have never been really together. Everytime CVs bring a track to separate them, without even making a milan track. Fans are craving to see their favourites together. The next reason fans are upset is Preeta is never taking a stand for herself. She is a respected physiotherapist, she should have confidence and should have a spine to make her point clear infornt of everyone. Everytime remaining silent is not an option. The fans are also upset about Karan’s character the CVs are potraying. CVs are making Karan seem like a person who trust others more than his own gut feeling. Somewhere in his heart he knows Preeta is a good human being but just because everyone is blaming Preeta now Karan is doubting himself, which doesn’t suit a lead character.

Fans are so upset that many of them tweeted that they will stop watching the show where the leads are never uniting. Many fans have criticised the CVs for always bringing in a twist and breaking the hearts of the viewers. We hope CV consider the wishes of thier fans and unit the lead couple soon. We have attached the tweets of few with this article too.

No doubt Kundali Bhagya is a good show who always banks top positions in TRP charts. We hope Preran unite soon and fans get what they are wishing for. Let us know your views on this. Keep buzzin!