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The episode begins with Karun asks Kaashvi to eat snacks but she refuses. Kaashvi sees Arjun with Mahima. She thinks that she should have went to office. Aditya comes there and tells Karun that he will feed snacks to Kaashvi. Kaashvi tells him that he was supposed to come late. Aditya tells her that he finished his meeting early for her and feeds her. Arjun gets angry seeing this. Dadi gives family necklace to Isha. Isha tells thanks to Dadi. Isha and Monty takes Dadi’s blessings. Mahima tells Dadi that Kaashvi is elder to Monty so Kaashvi should get pregnant first.

Dadi blesses Kaashvi and Aditya. Romila tells Dadi that the latter’s blessing will go waste. She says that Kaashvi won’t get pregnant. Kaashvi asks Romila that what the latter is saying. Romila says that Kaashvi and Aditya’s relationship is not real. Aditya asks Romila to stop lying. Romila asks him that whether he and Kaashvi sleep on the same bed daily. Aditya nods at her. Romila asks him to not lie. She says that she has proof and shows the footage of Aditya sleeping on the sofa. Everyone gets shocked seeing this.

Romila says that she know how normal couple behaves. She tells Aditya and Kaashvi that they are liars and betrayers. Arjun tells everyone to eat. Guests gossips about Kaashvi and Aditya and goes to eat. Mahima sends Karun inside. Aditya recalls that how he told Mahima to expose his and Kaashvi’s marriage truth. Mahima recalls that how she told Romila to record Aditya and Kaashvi’s bedroom scene. Aditya asks Romila that how can she stoop this low. He says that he is not understanding what enmity Romila has with Kaashvi. Romila tells him that she just said the truth.

Jagadish scolds Romila for her wrongdoing. Romila says that Kaashvi interferes in others personal matters always. She reveals that how Karun faced problem because of Kaashvi and Arjun’s affair matter. Aditya asks Romila to stop it. He says that he trust Kaashvi. Romila says that she wanted to prove her claim that’s why she collected proof. Mahima asks Romila to stop it. She asks Kaashvi to tell just yesterday the latter and Aditya slept separately.

Romila says that she is right that’s why Kaashvi is silent. She adds that it must be true that Kaashvi and Arjun has an extra marital affair. Arjun asks Romila to stop talking nonsense. He says that he won’t hear a word against Kaashvi. Aditya tells Arjun to stop showing fake concern. He blames Arjun for everything. He says that he will tell the truth. Kaashvi asks him to not say. Aditya says that he has medical issues that’s why he sleeps alone. Mahima praises Aditya’s plan in her mind. Aditya scolds Romila. Kaashvi also scolds Romila. Keval tells Romila to apologize to them. Kaashvi leaves from there with Aditya. Later, Kaashvi tells thanks to Arjun for lying.

Episode ends.

Precap – Monty tells Arjun that Kaashvi decided to divorce Aditya.

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