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Episode begins with Kaashvi asks Aditya that what is he doing there. Aditya tells her that he came to surprise her. He says that they can go to Delhi for shopping once she completes her work. She tells him that she completed her work and she want to go home. He praises Mahima in his mind. He decides to execute his plan soon.

Next day, Karun tells Kaashvi that Dadi made tasty food. Dadi asks Kaashvi that whether the latter is fine. Kaashvi says that it’s just work pressure and leaves from there. She reaches her office and asks Arjun that what is he doing there. Arjun tells her that he cancelled his leave. He says that he missed Karun so much, that’s why he returned in a day. She recalls that how she saw him with Mahima. She tells him that they don’t need him so he can enjoy his trip with Mahima in Gurgaon.

He asks her that whether she is not happy seeing him. She asks him that why he is using Karun. She says that she know Arjun went for second honeymoon and he is planning second baby. He asks her that who told her all this. She tells him that Mahima told her before he asks for leave. She says that she is happy Arjun is giving chance to his family. She warns him to not play with her feelings.

He asks her that whether she punished him because of this reason. She asks him to not disturb her because she has work to do. She tries to leave from there but he drags her ( Title song plays in the background ). He tells her that she is jealous because she loves him. She pushes him and tells him that that’s not true. She says that she don’t care what he does in his life and leaves from there.

Karun tells Mahima that he enjoyed in Dadi’s home. Arjun sends Karun outside to play. He asks Mahima that why she lied about second honeymoon to Kaashvi. She tells him that Kaashvi misunderstood. Keval comes there and informs them that today Isha’s family coming to talk about marriage. He asks them to not fight. Arjun thinks that maybe Mahima is right because Karun won’t lie.

After some time, Monty’s family and Isha’s family fixes marriage date of Monty and Isha. Monty says that he will call Kaashvi for arrangements. Mahima tells him that she will handle it. Later, Monty asks Arjun that what happened. Arjun tells Monty about second honeymoon trip matter. Monty says that Kaashvi loves Arjun that’s why she got jealous. He asks Arjun to get close to Mahima in front of Kaashvi. He says that Kaashvi will accept her love seeing that. Arjun likes the idea.

Next day, Arjun waits for Kaashvi. Kaashvi comes there. Arjun stares Kaashvi. Monty tells Arjun that the latter should ignore Kaashvi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dadi tells Aditya that haldi function is over. Aditya rubs his cheek on Kaashvi’s cheek. Arjun places a kiss on Mahima’s hand. Kaashvi gets shocked seeing this. Arjun tells Monty that he hope their plan works. Romila asks Mahima to do something so Arjun falls for the latter again.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th March 2024 Written Update: Mahima’s plan works