In today’s episode viewers will witness Aman devastated after learning Roshni’s sacrifuces. They all go together to bring Roshni back except Parveen only to discover that Roshni has left after writing a letter to her mother.
Aman drives to somewhere leaving everyone behind. He smashes his car to vent out his anger.
At home, Rakhh Jinn sacrifice herself and her other selves to free Jinn from Chirag. He comes out and takes a shape of a human (Arhaan Bahl). Tabiz is in his possession.
Parveen saw Rakhh Jinn’s body and broken Chirag. Everyone else comes back home except Aman.
Aman is sitting on road when Jinn passes his car and see him in rear view mirror, broken. Tabizi sees Jinn taking human form and got worried.
Aman reaches home. Dadi asks him whether he is ok. He says he is alright and they will not search for Roshni. Dadi argues that it’s his childhood habit that even if he is feeling pain he will not show. Aman tells her smiling that he is not in love with Roshni. Dadi says but she never says that.
Aman turning into daemon throwing things but stops when he sees Roshni’s picture.