Everybody is at breakfast table and Parveen too joins them. 

Roshni is still hanging in air and get shocked when she wakes up. baazigar helps her to come down. While she was going to do breakfast, Chal Kuan calls for her name but Roshni thinks she is imagining and leaves. A stream of water comes out of painting. 

Roshni greets everyone at dining table but the moment she sits for breakfast, Parveen tries to leave. Aman stops her. To handle the situation Roshni says she has done the breakfast already and leaves. 

Bua see water near Chal Kuan painting and call someone to clear that. Aman feels that Roshni must be hungry and send a cart full of breakfast through magic in bed room. Roshni have that and praise Aman. 

At breakfast Aman proposes Saima to get independant first then marry. Saima gets hurt and leaves angrily. Saima comes to her bedroom crying. Roshni again pass through corridor and Chal Kuan calls her again. She turns and water was about to reach her when her sister-in-law takes her to Saima saying that she is crying. Roshni consoles her and says that she have an idea. 

Parveen and Dadi arguing with Aman on why Saima should be independent. Aman argues that he have learnt the lesson from Parveen that if she would have been financially independent then she would have left his dad. It’s better to be prepared so that one couldn’t get hurt when something happens. Dadi and Parveen agrees but Dadi says that there is a medical emergency in their family and such relation will not come everytime. 

Roshni comes with everyone else and wanted to share an idea but Parveen interrupts her saying she is not supposed to say anything in their famiy matters. Aman stops Parveen and Roshni says that Saima knows Tamil and Hindi both. In films and in corporate offices such interpreters are high in demand. Saima agrees to do hard work. But she is in love Aftab, her would be husband.  Aman agrees and propose to call Aftab in evening. Parveen again gets angry and announce that Roshni should not in front of Saima’s in-laws. 


Aman confessing in front Parveen that after a month Roshni will not be in his life because he too feels Roshni is not good for this house and as his wife. Roshni overhears the conversation.