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The episode starts with Ankush lashing out at Arya as she should be the one who is keeping an eye on Satya and says their game would have been over. Ankush says she is careless. Ankush asks Arya what was she doing when Satya was leaving the house. Yug calls Arya but he later cuts the call. Ankush asks Arya why is Yug calling her. Arya lies to Ankush saying she was having a fight with Yug. Arya says to Ankush that Satya has gone to Vikas Lodge and says if he finds something that can prove that they are alive then they are in trouble.

Satya says to Yug and Kasturi that he has proof that Aira is the same child from his past. Yug thinks Satya has found out Arya’s true identity. Yug shows the photo of a victim from child trafficking from the past.

Ankush says to Arya that he planted evidence in such a way that Satya will think that Aira is a victim of his child trafficking case. Ankush says Satya will think that the girl is an easy enemy but Satya doesn’t know that Arya is the one who will destroy his empire.

Yug feels relieved that Arya’s true identity didn’t come out. Satya says he will handle Aira and asks Yug not to worry about Aira anymore. Yug agrees.

Kasturi asks Satya about his plan. Satya comments on Kasturi and says to Kasturi that she has to follow exactly what she said. Kasturi agrees.

Yug sneakily meets Arya outside the house. Yug says he gave sleeping pills to the guards and came out.

Yug praises Arya saying her back story for Aira fooled Satya but she has to be careful as Satya will not stay calm after knowing about her back story. Arya asks Yug what might Satya’s plan be. Yug says Satya doesn’t share anything with him.

Kasturi sees Zai looking sad and asks Zai not to worry and says they will take care of Aira. Zai feels relieved hearing this.

The next day, Satya looks at Aira and thinks within a few minutes she is going to die. A sniper is shown to be pointing at Arya.

Episode ends.

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