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The episode starts with Ridhima not believing that something might happen to Kabir and prays for his safety saying that if something happens to him then she will die. She wonders what to do and how to save Kabir.

Ishani knocks the door of Ridhima’s room and then opens it calling out Ridhima’s name but she finds no one in the room. She laughs and says that Vansh got saved from that middle glass trash box and now everyone shall get this good news.

Ishani goes downstairs. Dadi asks why she didn’t bring Ridhima with her. Ishani says that she had doubt when Ridhima didn’t show any interest in getting ready but now it’s confirmed that she has escaped. Dadi cannot believe it. Siya asks if she checked the room properly. Ishani replies that it is a room not a palace that she might be hiding somewhere. Chanchal says that she saw Ridhima going to Siya’s room for final touch ups and indicates the way where Ridhima had gone. Siya says that her room is not that way. Aryan gets up saying that he will go to check. Vansh is about to leave too but Dadi stops him saying that it is inauspicious.

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On the other hand, Angre shoots someone saying game over. Ridhima gets shocked hearing the gun shot and breaks down on her knees taking Kabir’s name.

Chanchal says that thankfully she didn’t give any gold to Ridhima otherwise she would have got shock. Anupriya says that she was finding her behaviour weird since yesterday when she was trying to go out. Vansh angrily takes Ridhima’s name.

Ridhima remembers Kabir telling her that he is there to take her away with him. Ridhima is not aware that the man Angre has caught and tied to a chair isn’t Kabir. Angre questions that man about Shera but he says that he is simply a caterer and had gone upstairs just to find network and call his pregnant wife but he knows nothing and begs Angre to leave him. Angre wonders who the real intruder is then.

Ridhima gets up saying that she needs to go to Kabir as she means nothing without him. Just then Kabir enters in the storeroom. In a flashback it is shown that Kabir had left when he saw Angre upstairs and Angre got his eyes laid on the other caterer. In present, Kabir asks Ridhima what she is doing there. Ridhima hugs him crying. Title track plays. Kabir asks Ridhima what happened and if she is ok when she breaks the hug. Ridhima asks if nothing happened to him as she thought that they caught him. Kabir says that he hid when Angre came and he caught another man. Ridhima says that she was about to die thinking the worst and became crazy. She asks if he found Shera. Kabir is frustrated and tells her that Shera wasn’t there. Ridhima says that they have to leave before Vansh catches them otherwise he will kill them but Kabir refuses saying that destroying Vansh is more important than his life for him and now time to face him has come as he had enough of hiding.

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Meanwhile, Vansh stands up from mandap and removes the pagdi walking upstairs. Anupriya and Dadi look at him.

Ridhima asks Kabir not to go to Vansh right now because he is dangerous. She says that he might get other chances like this but now they shall leave. She asks him to do it for her. Kabir hits a shelf near them in anger and a vase upon it starts moving and is about to fall. Vansh, who is outside the storeroom in which Kabir and Ridhima are, hears the noise hears the noise and is about to open the door but Ridhima catches the vase before it can make any noise. Angre comes and tells Vansh that they caught wrong man and also Ridhima is nowhere to be found. Vansh walks away angrily. Angre leaves too. Ridhima and Kabir, who had heard their voices, sigh a breath of relief. Ridhima begs Kabir to leave from there. They walk away.

Vansh comes downstairs where Dadi asks him if he found her. Vansh shakes his head. Dadi wonders what happened as Ridhima didn’t look like a girl who could escape leaving everything. Vansh says that no question can leave without answering him and if Chanchal saw her a while ago in the corridor then she is in the house only so they will find her. Anupriya says that she was always looking for opportunities to escape like someone caged her in the house. Vansh says that not even a person’s soul can leave the house without his consent. He walks away.

Ridhima and Kabir hide beside a tree seeing Aryan and then leave.

Vansh walks in the corridor with a gun and wonders if his enemies harmed Ridhima or she is his enemy only but it will be better if both her suspects are proved wrong. He goes to check Ridhima’s room.

Kabir and Ridhima reach the garden. Ridhima says that the way to their freedom is there and asks her to come. Kabir is hesitant and looks towards the mansion. Ridhima hisses for pain as her dupatta gets stuck somewhere but Kabir doesn’t notice her. Vansh comes outside too and thinks that nobody can escape after betraying him. Ridhima asks Kabir to come to help her and he returns out of his trance going to help Ridhima. Vansh comes there but doesn’t find them as they had hidden on time. Vansh leaves. Kabir asks Ridhima to leave and angrily looks towards the way Vansh left.

Chanchal badmouths about Ridhima calling her middle class and greedy. Dadi warns her that she must think before talking because she could be proved wrong later. They hear noise of anklets.

On the other hand, Vansh is very angry and says that not even breaths can leave without his consent so how can Ridhima. He goes back inside and sees Ridhima in bridal attire there. Dadi asks Ridhima where she had gone and if she is fine. Ridhima stands there expressionless.

In a flashback it is shown that Kabir told Ridhima that he won’t be killed by Vansh nor he can escape from there like a wimp. He said that he doesn’t need any medal from government but his death will be his medal. He pointed gun at his own forehead saying that he is a soldier of law who can return only after killing or dying. He couldn’t put Vansh behind bars and that was his biggest mission of his life but he failed. Ridhima begged him to stop this craziness. A gun shot is heard. Flashback ends.

Ridhima stands in front of Vansh and looks at her hands which has stain of blood. Title track plays. Vansh glares at her.

Episode ends