Today’s episode starts with Rohan and Soham fake cry. People enjoy seeing their game. Heer cries too. Rohan ask her not to cry. Soham cries in real thinking Heer is going far from him.

Preeto comes and ask what happened why they are crying. A lady out there says they are playing shaadi game. Mahi ask Preeto to stop them and tell them Kinnars don’t get married.  Saumya recalls her childhood.

Preeto gets angry. She goes and scolds the kids for playing Shaadi game. A lady out there says to Preeto that Heer is girl and one day she will bid good bye to this house. Preeto screams and says for her; girl’s education is more important than marriage.

Preeto says Heer will study and will achieve something big in her life. Harak drags Preeto inside. Saumya ask everyone to go. She takes Soham, Heer and Rohan too.

Preeto furthers scolds Heer, Rohan and Soham. She says if ever she found them playing Shaadi game than she will break their leg and will make them sit in the house. Heer says Preeto that she was just playing game. Preeto scolds her. Heer gets upset. Saumya ask Rohan and Soham to go to Heer and pacify her.

Saumya receives a call from Vedant. He asks her to meet him. Vedant says she too will come with him. Saumya gives a befitted reply to him.  Vedant ask Saumya to come alone if she don’t fear him. Heer, Rohan and Soham laughs. Saumya sees them and thinks she has to fight with Vedant for her children’s sake. Vedant waits for Saumya. Saumya comes and looks for Vedant. She sees him with the paper.

Vedant ask Saumya to sign on the papers. Saumya sings the paper. She was about to leave but Vedant holds her hand and says she is his property too and she has to come with him. Saumya aims gun at Vedant and threatens him. Vedant says she has to come along with him. Saumya says she only belongs to Harman.

Vedant ask where is Harman.  Later, Vedant provokes Saumya to fire the bullet. He makes her recall what he has done with Harman. Saumya recalls how Harman falls down from the cliff. Vedant walks away. Saumya fires the bullet. Vedant turns back.

Heer, Rohan and Soham see Preeto. Heer says she will go and talk with her. Heer hugs Preeto and apologize her. She gives chocolate to Preeto and asks her to forgive her. Preeto gets happy. Rohan and Soham too apologize Preeto. Preeto hugs them.  Heer ask where is Gulabo. Preeto says she went out.

Vedant throws rope and Saumya’s gun falls down. Vedant ask Saumya to come with him. Harak comes and puts Vedant at gunpoint. Saumya ask how he is here. Harak scolds Saumya and says he asked only one favor from her but she didn’t listen to him. He further tells how he heard Saumya’s talk.

Saumya ask Harak not to fire the bullet. Harak accuses Saumya for whatever happened with Harman. He asks Saumya to move back. Police comes and ask Harak not to fire the bullet as they will arrest him.  Harak ask inspector to stay away too. Inspector, Saumya and Harak stands shocked hearing bullet sound. (Episode Ends)

 Precap: Saumya comes to kinnar house to meet Mallika.  She says she needs favor from them. Harak ask Preeto what she will do if Vedant will come in front of her. Preeto says she will kill him. Harak says he went to do the same. Preeto stands shocked.