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Gurwinder asks Heer if she is fine, she will bring black coffee, she will feel better. Heer shows the bottle to bhabhi, she says its bhang smell. Heer remembers Virat being shocked when she went near him. She goes to room and sees Virat sleeping.

He wakes up and she says she found this bhang bottle near the table where he had soft drinks. Virat says he doesn’t know anything, he will find about this. Heer asks if he did it, Virat says he didn’t do, she puts his hand on her head and asks him to tell now. He asks if she feels he can do like this, she says her mind feels so, but her heart can’t accept it.

Bua calls bahus to cook food, Virat asks her to go. Heer asks him to just say he didn’t do it, she will go. He says he did it, she is hurt and asks why he did this, he says its because of Preeto aunty conditions. She says he let her get insulted in front of public, Preeto conditions are more important. He was ready to die to get her, now after marriage he is behaving like this, which Virat she should believe.

He won all tests to win her, but he lost test of her belief. Virat is numb, he doesn’t understand what to answer, she asks him to speak, he shouts at her to leave his hand, he asks her to forget what happened, let bygone be bygone. Heer can’t believe his words. Family members hear the sound and come, Baksh asks Heer to leave Virat’s hand, wives don’t hold husband’s hand like that. Heer asks Virat to tell why he didn’t speak against Preeto and complete pheras.

Parmeet feels Heer is asking right question, she asks Virat to tell what’s the problem. Virat shouts at Heer and withdraws his hand forcefully. Heer remembers her lovely moments with Virat and leaves the room crying. Parmeet says why would Virat cause Heer humiliation, there’s surely some big reason behind it. Tejinder says she felt marriage is based on some secret on first day itself. She won’t leave till she finds out the secret.


Virat talks to Harak, Preeto, they console him.


Heer goes to temple and asks God why two people who love her most are hurting her. Virat came into her life but doesn’t want to become her husband. She swears to find the truth, she won’t accept defeat.


Virat sits in garden, Heer comes there with dinner plate, he says he won’t eat, he is not hungry. She says mummyji told her to feed Virat and then only come back.