Today’s episode starts with Mallika asking Mahi not to act foolish. She further says Heer is their responsibility and she will take her. Mahi thinks she only wants someone to take away Heer and she don’t care who is taking her.

Soham ask to Rohan why someone will kidnap Heer. Mahi comes and Heer ask Mahi why someone attempted to abduct her. Preeto comes and explains to Heer that person has the animosity with Harak not with her so she doesn’t need to stress herself. Rohan thinks to inquire about Harak’s enemy from Saumya.

Shanno further thinks to make bodyguard help in doing household work too. Arjun agrees to do house work. Saumya thinks to inquire about Arjun. She searches in his bag and gets shocked seeing his identity verification card. She thinks the man has lied that he don’t stay near Gurdaspur but his card says he stays in nearby Gurdaspur only.

Arjun tells to Shanno about his story and Saumya overhears their talk. Saumya thinks man seems poor and she is over thinking. Rohan comes to Saumya and shares his worry for Heere. Saumya explains to Rohan not to worry as they will handle the matter.

Saumya gives food to Arjun. Arjun says he will eat in his room. He goes to his room and sees his bag open. Vedant calls Arjun and ask him to be careful of Saumya. Heer comes to Arjun. Arjun tries to trap Heer. He gives balloons to Heer and asks her to run with them on the road. Saumya blocks Heer’s way and stares at Arjun. She further asks Heer how she is going out alone without taking Rohan and Soham.

Heer calls out Rohan and Soham and ask them to accompany her. Rohan says he don’t want to go out and play. Soham too says the same. Heer goes inside with Rohan and Soham. Arjun stands confused. Singh mates play with Heer, Rohan and Soham.

Saumya goes to Mahi and says if she wanted Vedant’s number would have asked her. Mahi stands shocked. Later, Preeto and Saumya threatens Mahi and says till they are with Heer none can harm her. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Saumya takes Harman’s jacket and recalls her moment with Harman. She dances holding the jacket. Heer sees Saumya and offers to dance with her. Saumya and Heer dances together.



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