Today’s episode starts with Harak comes to the dinning table and ask Raavi to serve the food. Heer comes running to Harak and hugs him. She tells to the family that Saumya was making her to run.

Harak scolds saumya and calls out Preeto. He asks Preeto to make Saumya understand not to make Heer run. Preeto comes to Saumya and says she knows her intension behind making Heer to run but because of Heer harak again scolds her. 

Saumya ask Preeto to go with Harak. Mahi comes to Saumya and ask her didn’t she fear Harak. Saumya says no. Mahi tells her Heer is bonding well with Harak but the day he will come to know about her identity than he will feel cheated and like Harman will destroy himself.

Saumya recalls her moment with Harman. Mahi ask Saumya to come out from illusion that making Heer running fast will help her out from dealing with her identity. She asks Saumya to send Heer to her right place.

Saumya says to Mahi that she never ran because she was not capable of running but she will make Heer strong so that she can run and achieve her goal without any fear.

Harak and Heer spend time together. Preeto comes and Heer ask her to return, as she only wants to go with Harak. Harak ask Preeto to come with them. Heer ask Harak about Harman.

Preeto says to Heer that one day he will come to meet her. She gets teary recalling her moments with Harman. Harak too thinks of Harman.

Heer futher ask why Harman left them. Preeto recalls how Harman falls down from cliff. Harak distracts Heer. Soham ask Saumya to take him home, as he has to do his homework. Saumya waits for Heer. Rohan ask Soham to learn English from Vidya. Soham ask who is Vidya. Saumya promotes Colors TV new show Vidya.

Heer comes and ask Saumya is she going home. Saumya ignores Heer. Heer ask Saumya is she not talking with her. Saumya says to Rohan and Soham to accompany her to the home. Heer tries to pacify Saumya. Saumya recalls her moment with Harman and says to Heer that she is not talking with her. Heer says even she will not talk with anyone.

Preeto scolds Heer. Heer comes to Saumya and says Preeto is scolding her why she is not responding. Saumya ignores and ask Rohan and Soham to come with her. Heer cries. Saumya thinks she has to become strong to make her strong and leaves.

At night Heer recalls Saumya’s word and goes out from the room. She goes to Mahi and tries to wake her up. Mahi ask Heer what happenend. Heer says she is missing Harman. Mahi scolds Heer and ask her to go and sleep.

Heer comes out and talks with moon. She complains to moon addressing it to Harman. She pours her out to Harman and ask him to show him a way to calm down Saumya, as she didn’t reacted like this before. An idea clicks to Heer.

Heer makes a call to Saumya and says she called her to apologise. Saumya ask Heer to hang up the call. Saumya recalls her moment with Harman and thinks Heer is same like Harman and will do anything till she starts talking with her. Heer again calls Saumya. Saumya thinks she has to stay strong to make Heer strong. Heer thinks Saumya has to talk with her anyhow.

Heer walks out from the home to meet Saumya. On the way Chameli holds Heer’s hand. Heer stands shocked.

Precap: Vedant sees the sleeping Saumya and thinks he is seeing her after 5 years. Police runs behind Vedant. Vedant picks Heer and says to police he will kill the child if they will come close to him.