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Episode begins with Devi Dhumravathi tells Lord Shiv that she want to stay in cremation ground forever because she completed her duty. Lord Shiv gives permission to her. Everyone chants Devi Dhumravathi ki jai.

Meanwhile, Mata Parvati who is doing puja to shivling loses her consciousness. Shukracharya gets shocked seeing this. He calls Lord Shiv to come there because Mata Parvati need Lord Shiv’s help. Lord Shiv comes there and holds Mata Parvati’s neck. Shukracharya gets confused seeing this. He asks Lord Shiv that what happened to Mata Parvati suddenly and asks whether Mata Parvati is fine.

Lord Shiv informs Shukracharya that Mata Parvati’s Devi Dhumravathi avatar inhaled Dhumralochan’s poisonous fog. Shukracharya understands that Dhumralochan is dead. Narad asks Shukracharya that how can Dhumralochan escape from Mata Parvati after committing sin. He says that all the bad Asurs will die one by one.

In the Asur lok, Asurs brings Dhumralochan’s dead body there. Nishumbh tells Shumbh that that woman won’t be normal woman so the latter should leave the plan of marrying her. One of the asur lady laughs hearing this. Diti asks asur lady that why the latter is laughing. Asur lady says that Dhumralochan is better than them because he did not back off. She adds that Asurs are cowards. Shumbh warns her to not utter a word else he will kill her. She asks him to kill the woman who killed Dhumralochan if he can then. He promises to make that woman as his wife no matter what.

Goddess Saraswati says that no one can stop Mata Parvati and they are with her in this battle. Brahmadev tells Shukracharya that only mourning will happen in the Asur lok, not celebration. Shukracharya says that he won’t let that happen. And says that Mata Parvati’s puja got completed due to her faint so his duty ended too. He adds that he is going to alert Asurs about Mata Parvati. He release Vasuki and tells Lord Shiv that he has to go to do his duty and leaves from there. He thinks that he should not let Asurs fight against Mata Parvati.

Lord Shiv recalls that how Mata Parvati said they will do their duty. He gives water to her ( Title song plays in the background ). Mata Parvati regains her consciousness. He asks her that whether she is fine. She tells him that she is feeling weakness.

Diti tells asur lady to stay there and witness their win. Asur lady says that now Diti is supporting Asurs but soon Diti may become weakness of Asurs. Diti asks asur lady to stop it. Meanwhile, Shukracharya says that this battle should not happen no matter what because if it happened then Mata Parvati will kill Asurs. Lord Shiv says that Shukracharya can try how much he want but he can’t save anyone.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lord Narayan announces the battle of Adi Shakti and Asurs.

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