In the upcoming episode viewers will witness that Aman who is now Jinnad ka Baadshah will save baby from sucking up into cave in dark jungle. Later, he rudely talks to Roshni because he thinks that Roshni has started imagining things and is against Aaliya. He also thinks that Aaliya is innocent. Meantime, Parveen will turn into normal being after not able to sacrifice baby to Jinn. 

Roshni is crying in alone because of rude behaviour of Aman when Aaliya comes to her. Aliya tries to provoke her but Roshni says nobody can come in between her and Aman because Aman is Jinnad Ka Baadshah and she is Aayana. She brings many Nargisi buds around her in air and touch it to make them blossom. She says, there is only one Aayana in whole world and she is Roshni. To her surprise, Aaliya instructs zeher to come out on her shoulders. She says she is another Aayana but on negative side. She calls herself Haiwana and is her to destroy Roshni’s relationship with Aman and cut all the Nargisi flowers through her clip power. Roshni challenges her.

What will happen next? Will Aman believe Roshni? Will Aliya able to separate Roshni and Aman? Keep reading this space for more writeups and spoilers from your favourite shows. Let’s Get Buzzing!!