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The episode starts with Sarang helping Alia to walk through the crowd. She reaches the office where everyone was thinking she will not come. She gives interview to Ridhi and taunts her for showing so much interest in her private life. Ridhi asks if she really thinks a child doesn’t need a father. Alia replies that a child doesn’t need a man who cheats on her husband.

 Veer, Sunita, Rabia and Kavya are watching the interview too. Alia says that none of these people were there when she went through the pain of divorce so they don’t have right to comment on her happiness, repeating what Sunita had told her. She says that they got freedom in 1947 so now it is her choice to choose how to have baby. S

he warns everyone not to talk rubbish about her baby who hasn’t even come to the world otherwise she will sue them. Everyone is impressed with her interview, especially Sarang who thinks she is really inspiration for women and men. After the interview, she asks the employees to leave and resume work from tomorrow.

Sarang goes to Alia and praises her but she blames him for putting her private life onto national tv by revealing about her pregnancy to the journalist. She repeats that he isn’t ready for the responsibility he wants to take up.

Alia goes back home and cries in her room recalling the hateful comments. She thanks the babies since she could do all this because they were with her. She decides to send Sarang away from her office and the city itself. Sarang blames himself for putting Alia through the trouble understanding his mistake but he is keen on correcting himself and becoming responsible. He recites a poetry about women.

The next morning, Sarang hears baby crying in colony and goes downstairs asking Patel what happened. Patel tells him that he needs sarson ka tel and hing for his child since he got gas. Sarang enquires about what baby eats.

On the other hand, Alia is wondering how to send Sarang away from her life. She struggles to close the button of her dress and realizes that her weight is increasing which means that her babies are slowly growing. Sunita calls her to have breakfast. Alia reveals Sunita that she is having twins and Sunita gets really happy.

Sunita reaches office where the employees wishes her good morning and then takes her to the conference room where there is a cake for her. Scarlett says that she was so small when she met her and now she is going to become mother. Sarang goes out and stares at Alia from outside the conference room.

Alia walks out and hits the door on Sarang’s face. She apologizes. He says that it was his mistake. Alia says as usual. Mala announces that she is going to get married. Everyone congratulates with her while Rahul goes away getting upset. Sarang notices. Mala asks Alia to attend her wedding and she accepts. Alia goes to her cabin where she finds an apology letter from Sarang.

Episode ends

Precap: The dress of Alia’s button gets broken so Sarang buys her a new dress.