“A Forehead kiss means protection. It’s respect. It says you are mine, Don’t ever leave my side, It says I care about you..” Though all the days of Valentine week are special but ‘KISS DAY’ is extra special. The kiss reflects many unsaid emotions. It’s a way to express theRead More →

Show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki which beautifully showcased the journey of Trans-gender Saumya (Rubina Dilaik) has finally come to an end. As the show will soon start its second inning with the generation leap. Colors TV popular show Shakti was supposed to be the journey of a girl SaumyaRead More →

Show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki this week major highlight: Vedant to save himself from police disguise as Kinnar and entered Mallika’s house. Serial is gearing up for major twist and drama. Saumya vows to fight back Vedant for Heer’s safety. So, without wasting more time catch all the highlightsRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Heer, Rohan and Soham purchasing balloons. Vedant disguise veiled woman and runs away with Heer pushing away Preeto and Rohan. Mallika orders her gang to rescue Heer from Vedant.  A man from the crowd rips the veil and Vedant gets unveiled in front of everyone. HeRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Harak saying except Preeto and Saumya, someon else will take Heer’s responsibility . Harak asks Mahi to change Heer’s clothes. Preeto ask Mahi to change Heer’s clothes. Harak ask Mahi to take the responsibility of Heer from now. Mahi nods Yes. Mahi changes Heer’s clothes. HeerRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Heer crying. Saumya ask Mahi to feed her. Mahi refuses and says she will not feed her. Shanno in her room gets angry and throws stuffs. Sindhu comes and consoles her. Shanno ask  Sindhu to promise her that she will not touch Heer nor she willRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Mallika entering Harak house. She takes out the keys and goes inside. Mallika takes the Heer in her arms and otherside Preeto wakes up from the sleep. Harak stops Preeto from going to meet Heer. Mallika keeps anklet in the cradle and Mahi catches her. MallikaRead More →