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The episode starts with Tejo asks Fateh why he is smiling. Fateh says then what to do and asks Tejo is she want tea and goes to make a tea. Tejo asks Fateh don’t he care. Fateh says that Jasmine is just going to meet the guy and we never know she will like him or not. Tejo says that Jasmine won’t care about the guy. Fateh asks Tejo how many spoons of sugar she wants then gives her the tea saying put one spoon sugar. Tejo says that Fateh is acting like that he don’t care about this at all. Fateh says that he is dying inside and he will do everything to get Jasmine in his life but then if he failed he will think that’s what best for Jasmine. Tejo asks Fateh why he isn’t trying to stop Jasmine. Fateh says that Jasmine is like a running water and no one can stop her from what she us doing and smiles.

Tejo thinks that Jasmine us very lucky to have a guy like Fateh in her life. Fateh asks Tejo to sit and asks is she saw Om shanthi Om film. Tejo says yes. Fateh says in that film Sharukhan said that if anyone truly loves someone then the whole universe will try to get that person for them which makes Tejo smiles. Fateh’s mom comes there. Fateh asks how she knows that he us staying here. Tejo says that she is the one who asked his friend to tell his mother. Fateh hugs his mother. Tejo signs Fateh that she is leaving then leaves. Fateh’s mother asks Fateh to come to the house and says that she will talk to his father and goes and pack his things. Tejo’s grandmother asks her father how is the guy. Tejo’s father says that the guy is really a good person and his family is also good. Tejo listenes everything and gets sad thinking about Fateh’s sacrifices.

Tejo’s grandmother tells Jasmine that they won’t force her to marry this guy. Jasmine says that she indeed wants to meet the guy. Fateh asks his mother let’s leave and says that to him Jasmine is everything and if he let go of the Canada offer then that will lead Lead Jasmine to marry someone else and he will live as a lifeless person in his whole life. Jasmines mother says that they have to meet Varun and hus family. Her father says that they are more eager to meet Jasmine and says that Varun is going to Canada next week. Her grandmother says then they have to give Shagun to them. Tejo thinks that she can’t let this happen this soon and decides to do something. Fateh hugs his mom and says that he knows that he is not a good son. Fateh’s mom says Fateh that she will beat him if he says something like that next time and says if Fateh likes the girl this much then she must be Really special.

In the house Fateh’s father narrates whatever happened in the watch shop to his mother and says if he can do this then he will definitely throw that kind of girl from India. Fateh’s mom comes there. Fateh’s father says even the girl Jasmine who Fateh loves the most must be like this girl. Fateh’s mother says that she has belief in his son and he has definitely chosen some well cultured and mannered girl and asks her husband not to judge even without meeting Jasmine.

Jasmine check her dresses and gets worried. Tejo asks Jasmine why she seems worried as she is going to meet Varun now. Jasmine says that she can’t find her dupatta and asks Tejo why she didn’t pick her dress today. Tejo says that she dont want to. Jasmine asks Tejo why she is acting like this towards her. Tejo says that she cant hurt Fateh. Jasmine says that she already given one month time to Fateh it’s his mistake if he can’t do what she wants him to do for her. Then Jasmine says that she cant destroy her and her grandmother’s dream for Fateh’s love. Tejo says that Fateh loves her so much and because of her then stops. Jasmine asks Teji what Fateh did for her. Tejo says that she won’t understand. Jasmine says that she will Understand and asks Tejo to say it. Tejo says that Fateh’s father thrown him out. Jasmine gets shocked. Jasmine says that Fateh knows what her dream is and it’s not her mistake and she neither asked Fateh to do this all for her. Tejo says in this World very few Only is Luck to get a true love and Fateh truly loves her. Tejo says that Fateh is a fool, he neither cant hear anyother words other than Jasmines name and can’t see what’s happening around him if he sees Jasmines face. Tejo asks Jasmine to not to go behind her Dreams and later find there is no love in that. Jasmine leaves the place.

Fateh wakes up from a nightmare and calls Tejo and asks Jasmine is okay or not. Tejo says Jasmine is okay and asks Fateh what happened. Fateh says that he got a nightmare in which Jasmine left him. Tejo says to Fateh that Jasmine went to meet Varun. Fateh gets sad and thinks what to do then changes his clothes and decides to see the guy Varun first. Fateh opens the door and see Jasmine is about to knock the door. Jasmine asks Fateh wont he invite her inside and asks Fateh what is he doing and why he is doing all this. Fateh says that he wouldn’t let Tejo to say this to Jasmine. Jasmine says that she feels responsible for his condition and says that she already told her expectation. Fateh asks her not to feel bad that it’s his and his fathers ego and everything will be back to normal soon. Jasmine asks Fateh what she has to do for him. Fateh asks Jasmine to delay meeting the guy. Jasmine jokes and says that Fateh is scared that she might like the guy. Fateh says that he is dying inside. Jasmine agrees then asks Fateh to give some food for her. Fateh says that there are some bread and sauces and that’s Tejo’s favorite too and sees the packet is empty. Jasmine says then they will have food outside and leaves the house. Fateh checks his money and locks the door and goes with Jasmine. Fateh gives flower to Jasmine and asks why she is worried. Jasmine says that she said her family to that she is going to meet Varun but now she is with him dont know what she is going to answer to them. Fatwh says that Tejo will help them. Then Jasmine says that they will have an icecream. Fateh takes a chocolate bar and gives it to Jasmine.

Fateh’s father and mother comes to the bazaar. His father asks why she is dragging him to the market Fateh’s mother says that they have to do normal things with people so they they don’t feel like that you are superior because of your position as a MLA. Fateh and Jasmine feeds eachother icecream. Jasmines icecream falls and she gets upset. Fateh says that they will buy another. Fateh’s mother and father sees him. Fateh and Jasmine also sees them. Fateh’s father remembers Jasmine and Jasmine recalls their argument. Fateh’s father asks is she is the one who he loves and is she is Jasmine. Fateh says yes.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh’s father says infront of everyone that he will never accept Jasmine and says that he wont forgive Fateh ever. Jasmine runs from there crying. Someone opens the knife and goes nearby Fateh’s father saying today Fateh isn’t with them so it’s easy to kill him. Fateh’s father turns around to see who puts the hand on his shoulder Fateh comes there and the person stabs Fateh. Fateh falls to the ground bleeding.