Hello readers! As you all know, we conducted a chat session – #AskHarshad where, you guys sent the questions for your favourite Harshad Chopda. We received more than 1600 questions and our team had a hard time picking the best 22 out of them but glad, we were able to do so, somehow!


  1. Parul Narang -Which that one character from a movie you would like to recreate on small screen?

I don’t like recreating things, I don’t plan, I don’t perceive, I come blank, looking at the script

and I decide what to do, that’s how I do things.

2. Bepanaah_fanpage – Your best memorable moments with Bepannah team??

So many, I think the whole journey had been so much fun, so much love, 8 months didn’t seem actually like 8 months, People were even working before that, the whole journey was fun and memorable, I think the show will remain memorable.

3. Rexita 206 We have seen you a lot in the romantic genre, What other genres would you be interested to present ?

I don’t feel like romantic genre, Left Right Left wasn’t a romantic show, Saubhagyavati Bhava I did once, wasn’t a romantic show, Tere Liye wasn’t a romantic show but with family and family drama, I don’t think I was that romantic, I don’t know, I think by time, I can relate and understand the emotions I’m supposed to play it on screen, I think I’m good, so, I just have to understand whatever the role is, like Bepannaah, was a little bit of a thriller and romantic, I’m good at understanding things, it’s not about genres.

  4. Jenshad My Love :- one word to all your co-actors in Bepannah ?

I think, It was the right bunch of people, we had all kinds of actors, we had good actors, sincere actors, TV actors, We had all those kinds of actors, but I think everybody was right for their characters, all was good. It was great, we had fun.

5. *Fatima :- You have already worked with the best in the industry… Whom are you looking forward to work with in future “ As a co-star”?

I hope something good enough or something, I’d be excited to do.

6. Bepannah “Dont End Bepannah “ :-  What was your feeling when you came to know Bepannah is Ending?

I was actually traveling when I got to know, I was going to meet Salman, I was going to Bigg Boss and you know many things were happening,  I look at everything with logic, I was sent from the channel to Bigg Boss so, I felt like two things happening together, not matching one another, why promote a show if it’s ending,  So, I don’t know, I’m kind of met peace with it because I think it’s one good show and everything was nice about it.

It will be remembered and what we are feeling today is because it was a nice show, so I don’t know it’s a topic, let’s not talk about it.

7. HellHath :- Would you like to do a web series in future?

I can do anything, but I need to know the story, the problem is whenever I see a web series, there are people trying to make a story and people who are just trying to make something that has no story to tell, if I like the story and want to be part of it, I will do it.

8. Kaash :- You’re an introvert so when you’re on camera you do your job diligently but off camera do you get anxious when you’re put on spot for stage,events etc …. how do you deal with it?

It’s very difficult to define me as an extrovert or introvert, I think it all comes, this perception comes because there is always little available about me.

I have my set of people, I don’t define myself as introvert, I’m somebody who reacts if there is enough space for me to react, I will react, I think this reaction can give me anything.

In terms of stage, there are times, you are going there because you have a purpose and that’s all good, but sometimes I go with no purpose,  I just can’t hang out there without purpose, if I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, if there is no need or requirement of me, then,  I’ll always be out of there, but if I’m clear about what I will do, then it’s okay.

9. Heena4Harshad :- Which character was more challenging for you Sahir or Aditya?

Every character is challenging in it’s own way, even the simple character, Simplicity like complexity it’s not easy in itself, complexity can be easy, you have more arch and boundary, you can do a lot more scenes, every character is on its own I can tell Aditya was more challenging, I know I’ve been very lucky to get very good characters and very good support from the people around me.

10. Ghazal :- What are 3 things you always keep with you?

Two mobiles and a wallet.

11. Bhumi Shah :- You have never been a part of a historical/Mythological shows, So would you like to take up such a character?

I have, see, I was supposed to do Mahabharat and supposed to play the role of Arjun, so it’s not the matter of I want to do or I don’t want to do, it is something that has to be done with authenticity and sincerity.

12. Disha Biswas :-Did you ever face any disadvantages for being an actor?

I think the best part of being an actor, any profession comes with there share of good and bad, I think this particular profession comes with the bad is good.

I feel blessed to be an actor and I’m doing what I love to do, what I want to do, there are so many people I can connect with, I can help them in so many ways, being part of too much shows, this is the best thing anybody could have.

13 @bronzeflame :- Can you share some of your most favorite scenes from Bepannaah?

There were so many favorite and difficult scenes, Those frame breaking scenes when I went to Zoya’s house for the first time.

In totality, if you followed, you would know the difficulties I had seen, scene after scene, there were to be good scenes and bitter scenes.

14. Jaz :- If you could relive one moment of your life,which one would it be & Why?

I was here when the show ended, this new year I’ve done nothing except for thinking, I was thinking of I had to relive this year, if I had to start the show again, if I had to do Aditya again, if I had to do Bepannaah again, if I had to do this all over again, how would I do it?

There are a lot if things to do now, but the time is gone, and whatever is done is done, you can’t redo anything in the past, only look forward to what the future will bring.

15. Deeksha Kakkar :- Is there any upcoming project that your fans can look forward to ?! & If Not then what kind of roles do you look forward to do?

Honestly, There is nothing I can see, but I hope there will be something,  a character where I’m needed, required and wanted, I need all three things to be there, cause I think that’s when as an actor, you will really emerge.

16 Sarah :- What the Mystery behind your rings, because we have never seen you without those rings?

There are so many things, I do it for my parents.

17. Neha :- Describe your journey in Bepannaah in one word?


18. Muskuan :- What’s one thing of Aditya’s character you can relate to?

I could relate to a lot of things and I could not relate to a lot of things,  he could not handle lies and when he faces a problem he just stays quiet, he doesn’t say anything.

19. Sara :- Your chemistry with Jennifer was beyond words & the acting potential of you two was magnanimous..Can we expect that you may work together again in the near future?

Why not, we expect all the good.

20. Ankita Naik :- How do you keep yourself motivated when you’re having a bad day?

I remember it’s a bad day, so, I have to make good out of it.

21. ADI Ke ADI :- The one thing you feel you have yet to accomplish?

So many things, I have not even started, who am I? I think there is a lot to be done.

22. nehuu :- At the end-of Bepannaah’s journey Anything you’d like to say about Jennifer Winget ? how was it working with her ?

It was fun working with her, Bepannaah would have never been Bepannaah if there was no Jennifer Winget, I think she makes that much difference to a show, she’s a lovely person to work with.



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