Mohit Malhotra, who was last seen in Vikram Bhatt’s Hacked answered some random questions while talking to Just ShowBiz. 


How do you decide on the script?

For me it’s the content that’s the king ! It doesn’t matter what the platform is as long as the content is something that moves me. If it’s something I know is what has excited I am go for it irrespective of the platform.

An unknown fact about you!

Unknown fact is that I like to read a lot. I am an avid reader. I like to read a lot of biographies. It’s one of my all time favourite genres

Your dream role!

My dream role in films would be to portray in a biopic. It’s really interesting to be able to get into the skin of some legendary figure that we are making a film about. As an actor it’s a great high to be part of such a script and I can’t wait for it to come my way soon.

Your comfort wear!

My comfort wear is denim and jeans and add it up with summer jacket. It’s my all time favourite.

Message for fans.

Thank you for showering your love always. I am so blessed to have you guys in my life. I promise to keep entertaining you all with my new projects. Lots of love. Thank you for supporting me, nurturing me and embracing me always