Today episode will bring a shocking fact in front of viewers. Roshni says goodbye to Aman and dies. Aman carries her body to home and in trauma. He denies to accept that she is no more. He keeps calling her to wake up until Dadi slaps him to bring him out of his trauma. He still denies and calls for Baazigar. He later goes to room to get something which can bring Roshni back. 

Few birds carried all the letters which Roshni has written to Aman when they were separated but never delivered. Aman reads those letter in which it is written that how much she loves him despite of him hurting her all the time. She wrote that wished for three things. Two of them he knows and the third one he will figure out himself. 

Aman comes down and ask dead Roshni about the third wish. He performs the third wish and ask what was the third one. Gradually, he realizes that she is dead. 

Roshni is on cremation bed. Aman says he has figured out her third wish. He says, “I Love You, Roshni.” Nargisi tree blossoms in full with Nargisi flowers. Her mother is feeling guilty and apologizes for everything she did. Aman says that they both are in fault. Roshni was an angel but God hasn’t given him a heart. Tabizi says that Roshni has saved Aman from becoming Jinn on Laal Chaand Raat. He could have been either turn into full Jinn or full human being. Because of Roshni he is human now. 


Jinn is with Parveen in a closed room and she is turning into a beast like once Aman used to convert. Aman opens the door to find out but the moment Aman sees her, she appeared normal with Jinn standing between mother and son.