After Asha’s revelation especially to Sid who caught her red-handed giving wrong injection to Rahil, there is no limit of happiness for Sanjivani fans. They are basking in romantic moments of SidIsha which for sure is long awaited and very beautifully picturized with perfect expressions of actor duo – Surbhi Chandana and Namit Khanna aka Surnam. Characters Sid and Ishani are first time dating together and Sid’s confession comes out endearing when he says, “I love you Ishani. Main tumse bahut bahut bahut pyaar karta hu. Main hamesha se tumse yeh kehna chahta tha par har baar kuch na kuch ho jaata tha. Aur main nahi keh paaya. (I love you Ishani. I love you very much. I always wanted to say this but every time something happened. I miss saying this.)”

The scene of Sid saying sorry, Ishani teasing him, that kiss of care on her forehead, Ishani’s blush, their dance, unique hug, Sid craving for more has made the scene very beautiful and like Sid, fans are also craving for more for such SidIsha scenes. 

We do not want to spoil the fun but in today’s episode fans will also witness Vardhan’s next evil plan who is going to involve someone else too to get his revenge along with Asha with whom he is feeling threatened that his cover might blow. Also, he instigated Asha to use her powers of wife to keep Sid disturbed and away from Ishani. We also know he is planning to take Shashank in other way through Juhi. Apart from the Ishani has to deal with her parents past too. 

However, like Sid says, fans are living in the moment and happy that at least Asha is exposed now. They are enjoying that Sidisha are together. Light is always there at the end of tunnel, we are just imaging how much long the tunnel would be and how many hurdles more!

P.S : We loved Vardhan (Rohit Roy’s) exercise regime. This villain is really one of the most handsome villain of all times. Ladies we have one more anti-hero to drool. 

For more such updates, keep reading this space. Till then, Let’s Get Buzzing!!