Hot and sexy hunk is missing from the silver screen after quitting the on-going show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

Vivian Dsena has cleared in the interview with us that he wanted to spend the time with his family thus he took the break from the show. Also actor wasn’t happy like the way story was shaping thus he quit after giving 3 years to Shakti.

Actor in the uniquely different Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki portrayed the character of Harman Singh, who fell in love with the trans-gender Saumya (Rubina Dilaik). The show got love from all over the globe because of its story-line and the most captivating part was the Jodi of Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik.

Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik is one of the most favorite Jodi of ITV but we can’t deny the fact that the Jodi of Madhubala and RK too holds a special place and has a separate fan base.

Show Madhubala got immense love nationally and internationally and the Jodi of Drashti Dhami and Vivian Dsena is the maker’s hot choice for sure.

The way Madhubala and RK burned the screens with their top notch romantic performances, the duo forced the fans to watch their scenes on the loop.  


In the show Madhubala; RK and Madhubala’s scenes have spark and the duo makes the eyes to fix on them.

Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami for RK and Madubala have won the Best Jodi awards in the Indian Telly Awards. Thus even today fans crave to see the Vivan and Drashti to come back together in a show.

There is a buzz around that serial Madhubala will be back among the audiences soon and actress Drashti Dhami will continue to be the part of the second season. Talking with Vivian Dsena on Madhubala2, actor told to the leading daily that if he will be approached and find the story interesting than he too will look forward to the project. Well, it will be interesting to watch do actor Vivian Dsena will be back on screen with Madhubala 2 or will see a new leads in the show. Time will only tell!

Back to Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik, the duo as Harman and Saumya stole the lights with their flawless sizzling performance. Vivian and Rubina, as Harman and Saumya have set new goals and are addressed as HAYA. And we just can’t take our eyes from the duo. The way Harman supported and loved Saumya in spite of knowing her identity and given power packed performances, none other than Vivian Dsena would have done it gracefully.

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