Today’s episode opens with Harman asking Vedant to tell why he lied to all. Vedant excuses himself and goes. He turns back and tells his sad story to all. He praises how Tarana helped him to bring happiness in his life and says so he is celebrating his birthday today. He apologizes to Harman and cries. Tarana asks Vedant to stop but he leaves. Saumya accuses Harman and asks her to stop being stubborn for everything. She gets angry on her. Harman calls Mr. Bansal and asks him when her wife left him. Bansal says 15yrs back. Harman gets stunned. Mr. Bansal thinks of flashback where Vedant tells Bansal that he loves Tarana. The duo talks in the flashback. Back from flashback he lied to Harman.

Kareena advice Tarana to prepare a cake for Vedant. Harman looks at her and goes away. Vedant waits for Tarana and smirks. He thinks of a plan to separate Harman and Saumya. Mr. Bansal too supports Vedant in his plan. Tarana brings a cake for Vedant and wishes him. Mr. Bansal praises Tarana. He goes to call Harman and Harak.

Harman talks to Harak about the kinner house incident. Harak says to Harman that Vedant is making him jealous. Harman doubts Saumya. Mr. Bansal calls them for the cake cutting. The duo goes.

Vedant celebrates his birthday. He cuts the cake and feeds the bite to Tarana. Tarana says he should first give the cake to Mr. Bansal. Harman interrupts and says Bansal is right and Tarana should first eat the cake. Saumya looks at Harman. Harman clicks the pictures of the duo. Mr. Bansal gives a day off to everyone. Vedant asks Tarana to prepare a food.  He asks her to prepare pulao. Harman and Harak say they don’t like the dish. Vedant says but pulao will be there for tonight. Harman looks at Tarana.

Kareena meets Preeto and gives her the update of the kinner house. Raavi hears their talk. She face call Saumya and shows Preeto and Kareena. Saumya hears Preeto saying that she and Harman misunderstanding should grow. Raavi tries to make Saumya understand to save her relationship with Harman.

Everyone sits at the dinner table. Tarana serves to everyone. Vedant asks to sit and eat with them. Bansal too ask her to sit. Harak says to Harman if he is not well then they can leave. Harman says he is fine. Vedant praises the dish made by Tarana. Harman thinks of flashback.

Vedant asks Mr. Bansal to taste the pulao. He too praises Tarana. Bansal gives to Harak and Harak eats it. vedant says to Harman to eat. Harman says he don’t like pulao. Vedant ask Tarana to give to Harman. Harman gets angry and yells he don’t like pulao and goes away saying he comes to work here not for any time pass.

Vedant apologizes to Tarana for Harman’s behavior. He asks her to finish the food. Harak says to Harman to stop coming for working here. Harak takes Harman.  Vedant holds Tarana’s hand and proposes her.  Tarana gets stunned. She asks him to leave her hand. Bansal searches for Harak and Harman.

Harman asks Harak to stop. Harak gives his promise to Harman and says from now he will not work with them. Harman says he is going to return something to Saumya. Tarana asks Vedant never dare to speak anything like this from now.

Harman comes back and asks for Tarana. He goes to meet her. Saumya recalls Raavi’s word. Harman comes and says go and marry Vedant. Saumya says she wants to talk something very important to him. Harman says he didn’t come here to talk with her. He talks out his bracelet and says he came to give it back to her. He gives her the bracelet. Harman says Harak has given him the promise to never come back to work here. Harman says he feels pitty seeig her. He says inspite of being a Trans-gender she got all the happiness even a kid too but she destroyed everything and came at Bansal house. Saumya ask him to listen to her once. He holds his hand. Harman puts a cake on her face and says her face fooled him so much and from now he is destroying her face so that he can forget her. Harman recalls Saumya’s flashback and says he will take time to forget her but one day that time will return. Saumya cries and Vedant looks at her. He smiles wickedly and goes.  Priest call and asks Vedant to tell the name of the bride and groom. Vedant tells his and Tarana’s name. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Saumya asks the kinner community to free her for her post. Mallika asks Saumya to go back to Harman and Harak. Saumya runs to meet Harman and gets shocked police taking him with them. There, Vedant thinks of a plan to marry Tarana.