In today’s episode Roshni will save Saima in every way.

The episode starts with Dadi scolding Aman and Roshni and they lie to Dadi to save each other. Dadi says that they both have big responsibility for Laal Ki Raat, so it is necessary for them to behave maturely. Later, Aman says he has given her blank cheque to do anything which she can use it after a month but let Saima’s wedding be in peace. 

Here, Rakh Jinn is searching for Jadui Chirag with help of Jadui jootey in every corner of house but unable to find. Later, she turns Jootey to ball of fire. 

Sara comes in Roshni’s room when she is sleeping. She says that Saima has attempted suicide.  Roshni saves her and promises to give 5 crores to black mailer. 

In the night they kept 5 crores in letter box and all of them waited. Someone came and take 5 crores and keeps the mobile in letter box. Later, they burn the memory card. Saima asks Roshni from where she has arranged the money, Roshni says, she arranged it somehow. 

Rakh Jinn found the location of Chirag which is in roots of Nargisi tree. She asks Jinn what to do next. On instruction from Jinn, Rakh Jinn goes to Tabizi’s home seeking something for Jinn’s freedom from lamp.  But she is unable to enter because of magic surrounding the house. She thinks of other ways to enter the house. 

Next day, everybody comes down for wedding. Saima is searching for everyone and shocked to see down faces of all together in hall. She fears that her secret is out. 


Saima’s sister-in-law says that wedding will not be conducted until Roshni is Aman’s wife. Aman decides to throw Roshni out of house and he does. They separate their ways.