Sid faints while Ishani blames herself holding his hands. Juhi arrives with Asha and saw traumatized Ishani who is constantly blaming herself. Juhi asks her to leave and talls Asha to take her out. Shashank came to check and gets emotional. Juhi told him not to do surgery or even diagnosis as he is in emotional state. 

Helpless and emotional Shashank leaves from one side and Sid’s mother arrives from other side. Ishani tries to go in but Asha stops her. Juhi takes Sid to OT announcing others that pulse have returned. She takes the name of Shashank which shocks Sid’s mother.

Ishani comes in OT and requests Juhi to do the operation but Juhi asks her to stay away as she is in emotional state. She performs procedures.

Ishani prays in front of Ganpati at hospital. She declares that she never came to him because she never believed in his methods and miracles like others. But today she wants to believe. She asks for well being of Sid. She says may be his methods are wrong but he has the heart of gold and her friend. They need him, Sanjivani needs him, city needs him. She requests Bappa to save him and show some miracle. 

All muslim doctors pray to Allah and give assurance to Ishani that Allah will save him. Shashank remembers his moments with Sid when Ishani comes  blames herself.

In OT Sid condition is critical. Juhi takes decision of blood transfusion. Rishabh and Vardhan watching the operation. Rishabh says to Vardhan that whether Sid leaves or not, he is not affected. Surprisingly, Vardhan says he never likes methods of Sid but he never want him to die and leaves.  Rishabh father joins him and if Rishabh is in place of Sid he will not be affected. Sid is like his son while his son is not. Rishabh warns him not to disclose their relationship and says to go to cafe.

Shashank comes in OT and asks Juhi to operate but she tells him to wait out questioning, doesn’t he believe her now. 

Sid mother says to Ishani she is proud of his son who saves a girl’s honor. Ishani sees Shashank coming out, she runs to him while Sid’s mother hides. Shashank convince Ishani that Sid will be alright. 

OT over and everybody waits. Anjali comes to Ishani that she just got news. She ask for Juhi and Shashank. Juhi comes out and Ishani remembering her moments with Sid in reverse.


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